The Power of Blockchain E2EE Dataroom and On-Chain Messaging App with Dastafilez

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  • Tuesday, April 12, 2022

The Power of Blockchain E2EE Dataroom and On-Chain Messaging App with Dastafilez

Encryption is the process of converting information or data into a code, especially to prevent unauthorised access using cryptography. It was widely used as a military-grade of security and authenticity of messages or information. E2EE (End to End Encryption) is a technique to secure communication that stops third parties from accessing information when it is moved from one end gadget or system then onto the next. In End to End Encryption, the data is coded on the sender’s gadget or system, and just the expected could decode it. As it moves to its final destination, the encrypted message cannot be altered or read by the ISP (Internet Service Provider), ASP (Application Service Provider), hackers or some other services. Some of the most famous messaging service providers that utilise E2EE are Zoom, WhatsApp, Dastafilez and more. However, Dastafilez has the only E2EE on-chain messaging application and dataroom that are powered by Blockchain.

This technology makes it a bit difficult for providers to share information about their users with authorities and possibly provide private messages to individuals who are all engaged or involved in legal activities. The main aim of this research article is to examine how End to End Encryption works, whether it is secure to use or not and to explain how the E2EE of Dastafilez is more protected than the traditional messaging applications.

How Does E2EE Uniquely Work with DastaFilez?

Dastafilez is the World’s First Blockchain powered Dataroom and On-Chain Messaging Application. It utilises Asymmetrical Encryption that allows the system to provide both Private Key and a Public key. A Public Key could be shared with or be verified by other people, while the Private Key can be kept confidentially by the owner. After the Public key is shared, other people could use the key to encode a message, which is then sent to all individuals who earn the same public key. The message could just be decoded by applying the corresponding key, which is the private key also known as the decryption key.

When communicating online, there is quite often a mediator passing or sending messages to both parties that are involved in a conversation. That mediator is typically a server that belongs to the Internet Service Provider, a telecommunication corporation or several different companies. A public key structure End to End Encryption utilises guarantees the mediators that cannot read the messages which are being sent to the receiver. The technique for assuming a public key is the real key that is developed by the expected beneficiary is to add the public key in a document or certification that has been signed by a recognised CA (Certificate Authority) electronically.

The signed digital certificate could be assumed to be genuine because the certificate relates or connects the name of the recipient and the public key, the Certificate Authority will probably not sign a certificate that associates a different public key under the same recipient’s name.

How Secure is E2EE?

E2EE is very secure, in terms of, it restricts the data that is being sent from anybody but the receiver. From the beginning to the end of the encrypted message, only the receiver can decode the encoded message and no one else. Also, nobody could alter the message that is being sent. E2EE methods work in this manner that in case somebody tries to change the encoded message, the messages get distorted when decrypting, making it impossible to read the message. It also helps to assure the integrity of communication between the receiver and the sender. In case, the receiver received a decoded message successfully, they can rest assured that this is the same message that the sender sent and that the message was not changed during the transit.

Different Industries That Use End to End Encryption

Every business needs to protect different types of data. This might range from employees’ data, legal details to commercial reports. But some sectors contain highly confidential information. These sectors must consider E2EE a top priority to ensure maximum data protection.

Industries involved in high-tech research and development work like pharmaceuticals, automotive or manufacturing sectors generate a bulk amount of reports or files that must be protected any time it’s transferred from one device to another.

Financial departments, such as insurance companies, mortgage corporations, retail, commercial and central banks, brokerage firms and associations rely on sensitive personal data to perform their day-to-day activities. These sectors must deploy robust E2EE technologies to protect the privacy of their customers from malicious hackers.

Health care facilities like birth centres, blood banks, clinics and medical offices and hospitals handle hundreds of patient reports, medical history and laboratory results that require high-level encryption techniques to protect critical details.

Likewise, newspaper publishing firms, media and communication industries also produce a large number of articles, journals, sources and content that must be protected from competitors and intruders to deliver value to their business.

Companies that operate in the telecommunication industry have started to utilise E2EE. One of the main reasons why companies have switched to E2EE is that users have started to care more about online privacy and are becoming more knowledgeable when it comes to understanding the risks associated with poor encryption.

End to End Encryption service has become A MUST HAVE for companies that are a part of the telecommunication industry, financial sector, healthcare facilities since it helps to ensure that users and the individual they are communicating with could listen or read the message that is being sent to them and no one else in the middle, not even the employees or server of the company since the sent message is encrypted. The main difference between the encryption services provided by Dastafilez is that once the data is stored in Dastafilez, it can only be decrypted/decoded by end-users.

Is E2EE for Everyone?

As the world opens its senses to how we confidentially put our information on the internet as it is supposed to be. Dastafilez is the best application we can use to bring it back! Dastafilez is for everyone, both enterprises, and individuals.

Nowadays, everyone including Artists, Students, Musicians, Scientists or ordinary people who would like and believe in the power of storing a copy using E2EE Data Room powered by Blockchain can have access with the help of Dastafilez.

How to Create an E2EE Account with Dastafilez?

Dastafilez is a user-friendly End-to-End Encrypted Dataroom. It is designed for everyone to use it for a purpose of safe communication and collaboration. It utilises a special two-level unsymmetrical encryption framework to make sure just the individuals who are a part of the Dataroom can access decoded files. Each activity in the Dataroom is encoded and composed on the Blockchain. The immutability or unchanging nature of the Blockchain helps to provide a dependable review log without inheriting trust or depending on Dastafilez. It allows users to share and upload files, communicating and collaborating with the members of the Dataroom through discussion and close deals even if they have limited knowledge about visual Dataroom that is available in the market. It also permits companies to store licences and tax returns at an End to End encrypted, zero-knowledge cloud solution rather than storing them on their computers or trusting different unencrypted cloud services, such as DropBox and Google Drive.

To get started with Dastafilez, all you need is your valid email. Follow the steps to create one today for FREE!

  1. To create an account with Dastafilez, visit

  2. Click Get Started or Log In button, it will lead you to the same page where you need to enter your valid email address to create an account

  3. Enter your email

  4. Click SEND LINK button

  5. A message notification will appear, saying the Link has been sent to your email

  6. Check your email for Subject name Sign in to Dastafilez

  7. Within the email click, the hyperlink text Sign in to Dastafilez. This action validates that you own the email you used upon signing up

  8. After clicking the link, a new tab will open and the Dastafilez page will appear

  9. Enter your desired passphrase.

  10. Congratulations, Welcome to Dastafilez! Your account has been created

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