End-to-end encrypted datarooms

Protect and share documents with the same level of security and privacy as a password manager.

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Zero Knowledge Architecture

Dastafilez uses a unique two level asymmetrical encryption key system to ensure only the members of a dataroom have access to unencrypted documents. All sensitive data is encrypted in the browser before being transmitted.

Immutable Audit Trail

Every action in the dataroom is encrypted and written on the blockchain. Leveraging the immutability of the blockchain to provide a reliable provable audit log without inherit trust or dependency on Dastafilez.

Execute M&A deal with confidence.

Upload and share documents, hold discussions and close deals on the only zero knowledge virtual dataroom in the market.

Share confidential company documents.

Store analysis, strategic reports, memoranda and other important corporate documents that require strict access control and access logs.

Audited discussions and agreements.

Record negotiations, discussions and debates immutably on the blockchain which can be decrypted and used as proof without trust in Dastafilez.

Backup important personal documents.

Store licences, scanned copies of IDs, tax returns in an end to end encrypted, zero knowledge cloud solution instead of storing them locally or trusting unencrypted cloud services like Google Drive or Dropbox.

Create and protect intellectual property.

Record the creation of music, art and ideas by encrypting and stamping on the blockchain.

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Store personal documents with limited sharing and collaboration capabilities.

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For M&A operations, recording discussions, storing documents with fine grain access control.

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