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As the reliance of individuals and enterprises grows on information communication and technology (ICT) in today’s age, all facets of human-to-human and human-to-machine interactions are being revolutionized to certainly achieve higher levels of efficiency and effectiveness. Undoubtedly, process optimization is the result of ever-increasing IoT platforms, but it also presents significant, rather daunting challenges in the realm of cybersecurity; data in transit or servers can be compromised by third parties and can cause far-reaching negative implications for legitimate users. The existence of backdoors in the hardware and software components of electronic equipment further exacerbates the need for the use of secure communication media, which can guarantee the security, sanctity, and integrity of the content being transferred via insecure internet channels. Secure messaging systems generally incorporate an end to end encryption frameworks, to provide privacy, protection, and prevention all at the same time.

Data rooms can be considered an extension of secure communication systems; a data room is essentially a space in a secured environment used to store and confidential data in a secure fashion. These rooms can be physical as well as virtual, while latter being characterized by lower setup and operational costs, global accessibility, and preservation of documents. Dastafilez, an innovative virtual data room, offers one of its kind solutions to offer privacy and protection of classified information via multi-factor authentication, end-to-end encryption, and advanced authorization modules. It essentially is a platform with controlled access management to share any important information or documents in a secure manner. While offering state of the art security features, Dastafilez data rooms have a variety of use-cases at both enterprise and individual scales:

  1. Mergers and acquisition deals
  2. Sharing of confidential documents
  3. Initial public offering
  4. Audited discussions and agreements
  5. Backup of important documents

Having considered the market size and growth potential of blockchain-based encrypted data rooms, one can deduce that demand is constantly on the rise and tech giants are making fortune by offering the subject services. Dastafilez, on the other hand, offers segregated services packages for personal and group usage, depending on the requirements.

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Given the importance of information security in the scenario of growing cybersecurity threats, Dastafilez champions in offering free-of-cost data room services for individual users i.e., anyone having a valid email address can have his data room on the platform of Dastafilez. Being free doesn’t necessarily mean that the features offered by Dastafilez for individual users are limited, rather they cover a host of functionalities. More importantly, the free feature is automatically enabled on each sign-up and offers a wide-array of secure services.

  1. It allows the users to not only upload private files but also folders in an encrypted fashion.

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  1. The real-time instant messaging system fully encrypted on blockchain mechanisms improves the communication standards amongst the individual users.

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  1. Via real-time tracking, it keeps a record of file modification via respective users.

  2. Members can be added to the said data room in 2x categories: uploaders and auditors. The former has read-write access to the data room files while the latter has read-only access to the data room. Dastafilez also provides the functionality of maintaining an audit log for efficient tracking and enhances visibility for the relevant stakeholders.

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Given the fact that multiple teams are at play and individuals might need more than 1 data rooms to keep their communication and data storage requirements at play, Dastafilez has recently offered a star feature that allows the users to get engaged with multiple data rooms via a single log-in ID. Understandably, the storage space offered via each of these data rooms is 500 MB (individual users) but can be expanded on a very reasonable pricing of $1 per month for individual plans and $5 per month for enterprise plans.

Important: Please note that these are introductory prices and company reserves the right to update the pricing plan as and when required.

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All the aforementioned features are applicable for all the data rooms of any individual users thus unleashing the limits of data sharing while keeping the privacy, integrity, and confidentiality of the information at play. Essentially, Virtual data room providers equip interest groups, firms, and corporations with a secure, online platform to upload, store, and distribute information. A lot many alternatives are available off the shelf but Dastafilez unique selling proposition resides on the premise that it builds upon the security architectures of blockchain and multiple data rooms can be formed by a single user to cater to contemporary business needs.

A list of renowned data room service providers is given as follows:

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As information technology is touching every facet of human life, it is important to make sure that information sharing serves its intended purpose and isn’t misused by malicious parties for any of their malicious motives. Virtual data rooms provide efficiency in data storage and sharing while ensuring maximum security checks are in place.

Dastafilez is a cloud-based data room that offers end-to-end encrypted communication services; it features the advanced security frameworks of zero-knowledge architecture and immutable data trail to guarantee confidentiality, integrity, privacy, and non-repudiation of the data records and information.

Many big enterprises are also offering similar services but with very high pricing and that too with end-to-end encryption as opt-in mode while Dastafilez offers it free of cost for the individuals while offering the complementing feature of having multiple (3x) data rooms against a single user ID. Thus, Dastafilez is an offering that can transform the processes of any-sized business enterprise while offering top-of-the-line security features.

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